How to make your target market to engage more or take some action in your Facebook post???

There’s only one thing that Internet Marketers want when they post on Facebook, Blogs and Advertising Ads.

Peoples Engagement and Respond to your Call to Action!!!

You write a Facebook post, and you think everybody will respond and hit the like, share and comment section. You're so pumped up because you write the business post that you think is the coolest, most beneficial, and compelling post that every people want to engage with.

But instead, you heard the loudest noise in the world…CRICKETS!!!!

Wtf…happen man???

Your so confused and frustrated, why people are not engaging or try to click your call to action button. All the benefits of your company, products, and your team are already listed and explain in a very detailed manner. 

Why the heck they are not impressed or responding to my business post???

Is there any other thing that they want, or did I miss something more important in my post?? 

Does my company is not so good after all in the sight of people or my products is not impressive at all??

You have so many questions in your mind, why? Why? Why?

But the whole truth is that there is nothing wrong with your company, and there's nothing wrong with your products or services, and there absolutely nothing wrong with your team or whatsoever…

The problem relies on YOU!!!

Yes, you are the big don’t do the right and effective way to get the attention of your prospects in social media, blog or any other platforms that you want to promote your business. 

One of the biggest mistakes that you did is you already give the whole meat in your target market. 

What do I mean by this…

It means that when you want to attract the attention of your prospects, you must give them the feeling of “CURIOSITY”. 

The scenario is this...

When they already know what you are offering to them, why in the hell they will respond or take action with your offer if they already know the whole story of your business. Get the point!!!

Especially if your offer is about Business Opportunity, MLM or any other Business that already saturated in the minds of people.

They already heard that tune 1000 times...(LOL) they already sick of it!!!

It's a natural nature of people that they always repel when somebody wants to sell them...They don’t like it!! 

They feel awkward that they tend to get away when somebody approaches them then give them a sales pitch...Its irritating and you will be only be rejected by this strategy.

So whats the plan man??

You must always never tell the whole story of your offer instead give them the half of the meat...

You must give them the reason to take action with your curiosity message. Tell them what value they can get if they respond to your offer but tell them indirectly not specific details of your offer.

Always put this in your mind...

When the curiosity is high and the resistance is low in your post, that is the time they will engage and take action...

But if the curiosity is low, then the resistance is high then their reaction or respond to your post is also very minimal.

So better start injecting some curiosity in your Facebook Post, Blog Post, and Advertising Campaign to attract more leads and customers.

Many marketers nowadays are not applying this strategy, they always spam in there groups page, tag their opportunity to there friends wall, spamming every friend's messenger etc...

That is not the ethical and effective way of marketing your business. But many marketers doing it because of lack of training, knowledge, and will to invest time to learn.

If you want to succeed in your business, you must sacrifice and run an extra mile than anybody else to be the top and number 1 in your company. 

So I hope this post helps with the marketing strategies that you can apply now in your business. 

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