How can you defeat Procrastination in your Business?

 Is procrastination makes your business slow???

I know what it feels, it really sucks when you realized that you wasted a precious time in your business, just because of this success killer habit called 

How can we really combat this habit, even though if we don’t like to waste our time for some delaying tactics reasoning of ours, but it still makes us fell into the trap? Can we really eradicate this menace and make our focus more goal oriented.

But here’s the thing…

There is a solution!! Yes, you heard me right. You can change your habit or eradicate it completely. The solution is to focus on your GOAL. Focusing on your goal is one thing that will surely change the path you are going. 

Instead of wasting your time on some activities that can make you unproductive or will make it a hindrance on your pathway to success. Then you must always set in your mind why you want to succeed.

How bad you want to succeed.

Does my activity that I am doing right now helping me to reach my goals. If the answer is no, then stop it immediately and ask yourself. " I will not do anything that suffers my dreams instead I will do the tasks that will lead me to success that I always wanted in my life."

Even though sometimes we are tempt to do other things to take for a little rest or take a while to contemplate what to do next, well it is just normal and ok for a while to take a little break, but don’t make that as an continuous habit to make an excuse because you are so lazy to do the activity that leads to your success.

Write your goals, read it every morning and evening after and before you to bed. Make it a reality and continue to realize it in your mind until it will become a natural subconscious act.


Well, that’s it, that is my secret to cut all nonsense activity to get me going to what is the most important and productive things to do to become a successful entrepreneur. Hope it helps in your endeavor to become successful someday.

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