Common wrong mindsets that preventing people to become wealthy and rich

If your thinking why is that some part of the world has generated much more millionaires than others???

Well, the main answer for that is because of deferent view of people about financial aspects, in short, all people around the world have a different mindset in terms of defining wealth.

For example in the US, the majority of mindsets of American people is very positive and very much more ambitious than other countries. That’s why they generated so many millionaires and billionaires because of mindsets that they have about wealth. 

They are more independent and creative in terms of financial aspects. They know how to adapt themselves to every situation to reach their goals.

So mindsets are very important for someone to achieve success in life. Opposite to other third world countries, many people there are being taught from the beginning of there life "to go to school so that after you graduate you can have a good work." 

Teachers and Parents hardly taught their kids about how to handle financial matter early in there life to attain wealth in the future.

But Instead, they sink in the mind of there children that money is the root of all evil. That’s one of the reasons why many people in the third world countries afraid or never give time to study how to generate wealth because they taught it will be against the will of God.

But they forget something….

According to Bible, The love of the money is the root of all evil, Not because of money alone. You can become a bad person or a good one, depending on how you handle or use your money. 

IF you are using your wealth to take advantage of others then that is not right, But if you're using your money to help your parents or other people needs, then you are using your wealth in the right manner.

But sadly, many people are not doing the right way how they handle their finances, especially rich people!

Another reason or wrong mindsets that prevent people from becoming wealthy is believing that wealth is for those people who are LUCKY.They thought that LUCK is the reason why some people are fortunate in there life. 

So that’s why they depend on their future in luck by means of gambling, horoscopes, and other superstitious beliefs that hoping they will become rich by that means of activities.

Heres another wrong mindset…

Thinking that money cant makes somebody happy!!! 

Did you really believe that money cant makes you happy??? Well, I do believe so, but it depends!!! 

If you are a good person then you are being fortunate to have wealth in life, then you can do more good things to others by filling someone's needs or happiness. 

Then you can be happy by doing the things that make you proud of helping others.

But if you are a greedy person then you become rich for some reason... Then there are more possibilities that your greediness will become much more worst. 

Because your happiness only depends on your greediness, and not by the welfare of others then that someone will suffer in the long run a tremendous unhappiness in their life, because of the consequence of there greediness.

Then there's another one...

The belief of "If you were born poor, You must also die poor!!! That is one of the wrong mindset that many people keep in there mind. 

But According to Bill Gates,

 “ If you are Born Poor then it's your parent's faults, But If you die poor, then It is your fault”

Means, success in life is depending on ourselves, not because of others or the circumstances of our present life. You can control your future if you decide to change it. Strong determination and will to persist will definitely change your life if you decide to act just like what the rags to riches people did in there life.

So that’s it, hope you enlighten about the mindsets that can affect our life financially, either you choose the right mindset or the wrong mindset, you’re the one can only decide!!!

I need more leaders in my team globally at my incoming project, people who have the right mindset in terms of financial aspect.

Those people that will do whatever it takes to reach their goals financially. So if you think you have that kind of mindset, then your very welcome to my team! So hop in and join our force!!!

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