What to choose when advertising your business, CPC or CPM?

Do you want the best results in your advertising???

I know you want the best option in terms of advertising your products or offer online, But the problem is you don’t know what is the best strategy to choose from CPC or CPM. You want to have a good ROI at the same time you can cut the expenses much lesser.

For my experience, I go to CPC because in this way you can easily determine and scale your numbers in terms of conversion. You can track how many clicks you have in a certain campaign and then split test which is converting more than the rest. CPM means cost per mile or cost per 1 thousand impressions. You pay only when the view of your ad reach 1k times.

But nevertheless…

CPM is good if your goal is to have the brand awareness to people that you are targeting. Just like for example Traditional business like Coca-Cola that promotes there products in tv or online by means of CPM.

But if your goal in your campaign is to convert a sale or convert more leads, It is advisable that you choose CPC or Cost per Click, in which you only pay for every click in your ad. The more click you have the better the CTR or Click thru rate. means you will pay less because your ad payment depends on the performance of your campaign.


It still your judgment and observation must still decide if you're going to CPC or CPM, depending which strategy will convert you more. So I hope you have gained a little information that I have shared with you in this post that will help you in your ad campaign in the future.

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