Does the email marketing die because of Chatbots in Social media?

Did Chatbots really kills email marketing???

Chatbots begin its popularity when social media like Facebook begin to connect with chatbots company to provide automated messaging to the messenger platform of Facebook. They are now the new generation of autoresponder using messenger chat.

The email marketing as we know is the well-known autoresponder or email marketing that dominates for decades in Internet marketing. Many say that email marketing will die because of the new chatbots that are so high in click-through rate than email marketing. Chatbots rise up to 90% CTR than email that only maximum CTR is 30-40%.

But the big question is this….

Do chatbots can really be surpassed the power of email marketing? Well, my answer is, definitely “NOT”. Many factors that can email marketing is still the king in terms of Following up with all the leads.

1st, It is not annoying than Chatbots, 2nd, email marketing can be called as real estate because of its flexibility, like you can export and import your leads into it. 3rd is, chatbots leads are relying on the facebook page in which if facebook banned your page then your leads will also be affected because you cannot export your leads to another page.

Want more???

4th is email marketing can be used in many advertising platforms, unlike chatbots, it is being designed only in facebook. Even though the CTR of chatbots is high, you still cannot deny that email marketing has much more advantages than Chatbots.

Well, I hope I give my opinion fairly according to my observation and experience. But you only have the final decision if you want to use Chatbots or Email marketing in your business.

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