Ways of how to make money online using your own blog site (English Version)

There are so many ways to make money online using your own blog. But before you proceed with your plan, be sure that you have already enough traffic coming into your blog.

 It means that you have enough people who come to your blog and read your posts. Be sure that your blog is clean and easy to navigate by the readers and the content that you wrote is valuable and can solve the problem of the readers. 

It depends on you on what topic or niche that you want to write about, the important thing is that you have the passion and knowledge in the selected topic of your blog.

So when the time that you share your content with the world, it gives impact and value to the people who seek an answer to there problems.

When the time comes that your blog is receiving enough traffic already using your analytic tools. That is the time you need to think or decide what kind of monetization would you want to put on your blog. This is the most well-known ways if you want to make money on your blog.

1. Google Adsense

One of the most popular ways of making money on your blog is by putting Adsense ads on your blog. Google Adsense is a pay per click program that was built by Google for all the publishers who want to monetize there site or blog.

For every click that your ad gets in your blog, you will be given a commission share by Google thru CPC or CPM revenues. So it means that if your ad is receiving a lot of clicks by the visitor and readers of your blog, the more your income will increase.

 This will only happen if your traffic is large enough to reach this income level of your blog.

2. Affiliate Sites

There are so many ways to choose from in terms of making money on your blog. You can use the product of other entrepreneurs online by selling or offering them on your blog. Affiliate sites are good to use if you still don’t have your own products to sell or to offer. 

The good side about this is that you have no expenses in terms of making your own product. You just have to market there products to your own blog and then the owner will give you the commission of your sale.

This is some of the affiliate sites that being used by many bloggers and it is very lucrative in terms of money making.   Amazon, Clickbank, eBay, Commission Junction and much more.

3. Donation Box

This one I think is the most simple and very effective way of making money on your blog, especially if your still a newbie or a first-time blogger. The reason is the majority of people buying online go to well established and well-known site because they already know, like and trusted there site. 

In short, those site is already gain there trust and loyalty. But if you are consistent in making valuable content, The people will begin to recognize you as a value provider. They will start to like and trust you.

 So that is the time you consider other ways of making money online using your blog. And by putting a donation box on your blog, they will surely or gladly to donate because of what you have shared with them using your blog.

There are many ways to have a donation box in your blog site, but this one I think is the best and simple to put on your blog, That is Paypal.Me. It is a widget that Paypal provides to those publishers who want to receive payment in just one click. 

If somebody clicks the Paypal Button and donate some cash It will go directly to your Paypal account. But be sure that you have a Paypal account before you use this widget from Paypal.

There are so many ways to make money online using your blog site, but this three I think is the most simple and very well known way of monetizing your blog.

So that’s it, I hope I give you some useful information that will help you make money online using your own blog site.

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