How to make money online without physical products to sell? (English Version)

To make money online without physical products to sell is somewhat challenging, But there is hope in this kind of dilemma.

What does this mean for you?    

Many thoughts that in order to make money online is just only to sell tangible products, But Little did they know that there are so many options on how to make money online without having physical products to sell.

The first option is to sell digital products, yes you’ve heard it right. 

Selling digital products is one of the best ways to make money online nowadays. Because selling intangible products is so hassle-free and convenient. 

You can sell it anywhere you like as long you have an internet access. The market is global, you can target all people around the world, without shortages of stock or supply. 

Because of its nature that you can’t hold it, but you can use it’s features and benefits thru the computer.

Simply stated

This is just some of the example of digital products that you can sell to make money online.

1. E-books

e-books are so wildly popular around the world in terms of products to sell online. Because of many people who search for an instant answer to there question or problems online, That’s why e-books come in the scene to sustain the needs of people who want detailed information that will solve their problem. 

E-books are so profitable way to make money online, no doubt about it. Even Amazon who is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world sells e-books online.

2. Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is one way sure to make money online even without your physical products to sell. You can choose thousand of affiliate programs online. 

There is Clickbank that you can apply as an affiliate partner. There are thousands of e-books that you can choose to sell, depending on your marketplace research if what products weight more in terms of conversion ratio. 

These are just a few

Also, there is Commission Junction, It is also an affiliate site that you can participate with if you want to make money online by selling digital products of any variety.

3. Application Software

This one is for those advanced marketers who have knowledge in programming that want to step in a higher perspective. Because of the demand of Application software online, many programmers shift their current work into full-time Internet Marketer.

People tend to attract in buying software online because of the trend and fast pace of the online world. 

So if you have clung on this stuff, you better choose application software as your primary product to sell online.

That’s it, this is just some of the digital products that I recommend to all the people or Internet marketer who want to make money online without having physical or tangible products to sell. 

I hope you learn a little bit of this post and I hope you stay updated for more tips on how to make money online.

P.S You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to make a fortune on the Internet, The Important is you just have to be open-minded on every opportunity that comes on our way. 

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