Five Strategies that will Make you Rich in Internet Marketing Business (English Version)

Many people today still continue to struggle to find the real secret on how to become rich in Internet Marketing field. 

They sell everything online and enter different companies, hoping that it will be the product or the company that they are looking for that will save them from poverty. 

They already try all the techniques and strategy that their upline and company told them to do on how to market online. But until now the result is so slim and other’s don’t make any penny on what they are doing online.

That’s why other’s blame their misfortune to the products, company, upline, downline, groups, family, country, and other more to blame for the misfortune that happening in there work as an Internet Marketer. 

I cannot blame them for why they react like that, many marketers decide to stop because they already burn out. 

And go back or focus their attention as an employee again. This scenario is so devastating, right? After how many months and years of hardships and sacrifices you invested, nothing happens.

In my post today, I will reveal to you the five strategies of online marketing that never told you about by the top internet marketers around the world. The reason for this is that they don’t want to have so many competitors in their niche. 

But I think it is time to stop all this crap and non-sense marketing going on in our industry and do only the ethical way of marketing online. The right way that is done online. 

Read and apply this strategy right away for your marketing campaign online.

1. Viral Marketing Strategy

This is one type of online marketing strategy that uses a psychological technique to attract people to watch and read your content or advertisement online.

There are so many ways that viral marketing strategy can be applied, you can do this by making your content entertaining, shocking, inspiring and amazing. 

Just, for example, you want to post something in your status in Facebook, Instead of posting your products or company information directly to your prospects to sell or sponsor them. 

It is much better or effective if you use this viral marketing strategy to attract people to your online business and then they will share, tag and like your post to spread to there friendslists.

Then there will be a big chance that people will see your profile and then they will begin to get curious about what is your background, your work or your business if there is one. 

Then they will begin to message you because they are already trusted and like you. You will become known and many people will follow you and that is the time that you can easily offer your business to them.

2. Value Marketing Strategy

This is one of the most effective and secret strategies that is used by many Internet Marketers around the world. This is the one that they’re being used to attract and take many people to there business. 

They called it Value Marketing because It signifies giving something beneficial to others to make those people begin to trust and like them in return. 

There are many ways to do this strategy, you can give free e-book, free reports, free newsletter or free webinar or video information. Anything that you can give that have value to your prospects online. 

When you have already enough people that trust and follow you, It will be easy for you to offer your online business to them.

3. Content Optimization Strategy

This is being used by many marketers online who have websites or blog. Content Optimization means tweaking and concrete planning to make your site or blog searchable and become top listed in Google search engine. 

When the time that Google will see your site or blog full of valuable content that will help those people searching for the niche they are writing about, Google will then now choose to rank that site to there first page of Google search engine. 

So many people will see and visit your site or blog So it means they will also see your business offer and you will receive plenty of sales on it.

4. A/B Testing Strategy

This is the one strategy that always does by online marketers that engage in paid advertisements. A/B Testing is a form of analyzing between the two, three or more Paid Advertisement campaign if what ad is doing well than the other one. 

This is so important when there is a big amount of budget that being put in those ads by the marketer. 

It is so crucial that every Internet Marketer should know the right choice of ad that generates profit and not sticking with those ads that not making a profit at all. In this method, many Internet Marketers will surely see results and accomplishment.

5. Persuasion Marketing Strategy

This one is a compilation of different psychological approach in terms of marketing strategy online. Major operation of this method is to manipulate the mind of every buyer or prospects in a buying mode for whatever products or services that your offering. 

For my next posts, I will explain the process of each factor that included in persuasion marketing, why it is so effective in marketing online.

So this is the end of my posts about the five strategies that will make you rich in Internet Marketing, I hope that I shared some useful information that will help you become a successful Internet marketer.

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