6 people that you must follow in order to succeed in Internet Marketing Business (English Version)

In my post today, I will share with you the people that I think is reasonable enough to be called as Internet Marketing Gurus. Means they have already had the expertise, experience, and knowledge on how to market online the right way. 

They already surpassed all the trial and error, mistakes and success in this field. So we can count on them to give us the right technique and strategies to succeed online, especially to all newbie in Internet Marketing business.

In order not to experience their hardships that they encounter, we will just copy and follow their present strategies on Internet Marketing to succeed. 

Almost all of them are a self-made millionaire as an Internet Marketer. So we must not doubt to follow their footsteps because all their strategies and techniques are proven and tested by times. 

1. Mike Filsaime

Almost two decades of experience in Internet Marketing, And he had already given so many contributions in the field of Internet Marketing around the world. Mike Filsaime very talented in the science of Psychological Marketing.

He is the guy being respected as a product launching king. He has the capability to earn $1M in 1 month, That’s why he is being called as the Guru of Internet Marketing world.

2. Anik Singal

Also, one of the best Internet Marketer in the world and he is expert in Paid advertising. He launches so many products that turn successful. 

He is also expert in Retargeting Marketing. He is capable of monitoring your behavior online and he can follow you with his ads wherever you surf online.

3. Vic Strezheuz

Vic is being recognized as a world classed Internet Marketer not so long ago than other Guru like Mike Filsaime. But the skills of Vic Strezheuz in terms of marketing online is incomparable compared to others. 

He is being called as the “King of Traffic” because of his capability to create web traffic on a mass scale in a short period of time. The best of it is the traffic that he generated is a very quality and targeted traffic that ready to buy his products. 

He is also participating in any affiliate sites and become top number 1 in any company he engaged with.

4. Dave Wood

Dave Wood become well known as an Internet Marketer Icon when he founded the Empower Network along with his partner David Sharpe. His company grows tremendously that he earns $500M in a span of 1 year. 

Even Vic Strezheuz is also a former affiliate of Empower Network and becomes the number 1 earner in just a short period of time. Dave Wood excel in content marketing and blogging. 

That’s why the concept of his company is focused on the importance of blogging.

5. Ray Higdon

Aside from being an Internet Marketer of Ray Higdon, He is also active doing Network Marketing as a subsidiary source of income. One of the skills of Ray in terms of marketing online is doing content materials like Blogging, Video Marketing, and online Coaching. 

Ray is so well known online because of the values that he shared with everyone, especially newbies on online marketing. That’s why he garnered so many followers in his social media account. 

He is also top 1 distributor of his MLM company but he is more focus on developing his Internet Marketing side of the business.

5. Eric Holmlund

Eric Holmlund is not so popular than any other Internet Marketing Gurus out there. But he is the one who gives a tremendous value of information in Internet Marketing to anybody who wants to engage in Internet marketing profession. 

All the marketing tips that he shared with others is being compiled in his simple blog site. But the information you can get in his blog is so priceless. 

So I highly recommend his blog to anybody who wants to learn more about the basic and advanced strategies in Internet Marketing.

Six of them is just a few Internet marketing Gurus out there that excel in their field. But for me, they are the one who is genuine, trusted and value provider that every newbie and advance marketer needs to grow there knowledge as an Internet Marketer Professional.

I hope I had given you a useful information on who to follow with in order to succeed in Internet Marketing Business or Profession.

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Edward Lindo
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