How to have a free Traffic in your online business? (English Version)

One of the most problems that online marketers have is how to generate free traffic in there existing online business. 

We already know the fact that if your website doesn’t have the traffic it also means that you will not generate income in your online business because nobody buys your product or service. 

And we also must sure that the traffic we are generating is not just ordinary traffic, but laser targeted traffic. Means all the people coming in is interested in what you are offering.

One of the most effective and also being used by all top online marketers in the world to generate traffic is by blogging, in which you can generate targeted traffic in your business. 

Blogging can be done for free using the site of Blogger is the most well-known blogging platform site because it is being maintained by the giant company Google.

Because of the high chance of being rank in the keyword search in google, many ordinary people and Entrepreneurs are enticed to write a blog in blogger. The best part of it is you can write an unlimited blog for free. 

People will also see your business easily because of the free widget that blogger provides for all the business banners. 

Aside from that, you can also put your links in your posts directly thru your main business.

When the time your keyword search will go at the top of search engine. There is a big chance that your targeted traffic will go high directly to your site and many interested people will see your business.

So I hope that I contributed an idea on how to have a free traffic in your online business.

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