11 factors that a good business must have that you must choose (English Version)

1. Direct Selling / Affiliate

This is a form of selling directly to the buyer.  The Investment is affordable but you can earn a large amount of money depending on the effort that you will put into it.

2. Leverage Marketing Plan

You must have the capability to earn profits from the effort and sales of the people that you register into the business.

3. Internet-based

The total marketing strategy of the business must be focus online rather than offline method. By this, your business will start to gain momentum and can be seen by many people.

4. International Scope

It is important that your product or services can be market worldwide. It means that all people around the world can understand and used your product in their respective countries.

5. Digital Products

Your product will be easier to market because it is intangible, means there is no inventory or any hassle whatsoever.

6. Residual Income

Your income must be earned month after month thru all your people that you refer. there must be a monthly subscription or monthly maintenance to sustain the monthly income of every member.

7.  Endless Supply

There must be no shortage of products coming out to sustain all the demand of the people who bought your products worldwide.

8. In-demand Products

It is important that many people are using or wants to buy your products. There must be an infinite need and not just a seasonal trend in the market.

9. Automated Marketing System

It means that your business automatically sells itself thru the help of the automated marketing system that your business has. You can easily market your products without any manual effort like presenting, inviting, closing and follow up.

10. Affordable Price

Your business will be more effective if the price of your product will meet the standards of ordinary people.

11. High Commission

The most important thing in a great business is that the commission is good enough to make all the affiliates and distributor satisfied with there sales in the company. so there will be many marketers will participate in the business.

So I think I already give you some tips on how to know the 11 factors that a good business must have to choose from.

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