Common wrong mindsets that preventing people to become wealthy and rich

If your thinking why is that some part of the world has generated much more millionaires than others???

Well, the main answer for that is because of deferent view of people about financial aspects, in short, all people around the world have a different mindset in terms of defining wealth.

For example in the US, the majority of mindsets of American people is very positive and very much more ambitious than other countries. That’s why they generated so many millionaires and billionaires because of mindsets that they have about wealth. 

They are more independent and creative in terms of financial aspects. They know how to adapt themselves to every situation to reach their goals.

So mindsets are very important for someone to achieve success in life. Opposite to other third world countries, many people there are being taught from the beginning of there life "to go to school so that after you graduate you can have a good work." 

Teachers and Parents hardly taught their kids about how to handle financial matter early in there life to attain wealth in the future.

But Instead, they sink in the mind of there children that money is the root of all evil. That’s one of the reasons why many people in the third world countries afraid or never give time to study how to generate wealth because they taught it will be against the will of God.

Why is Nexus Global company by far the most brilliant new concept in terms of cryptocurrency opportunity?

Did you already heard the buzz in the crypto world today???

Maybe you're telling yourself, yeah right, “Another scam company that will surely steal peoples money... Whats new about it???

Another good to be true that promises stars and moon and then at the end you left hanging empty-handed, because of unscrupulous Ponzi scheme or MLM scam company that victimizing a lot of innocent people. Just only purpose of joining is to change their lives and get out in the rat race.

Horrifying isn’t it???

We cannot deny the fact that all this is happening worldwide, every day there is plenty of companies shut down by the government especially in the US because of lack of legalities and valuable products that can be truly used by people.

Many MLM companies open and launch there so-called super products then realizing that it is only a prop or front to cover their real agenda. 

They are using gimmicks thru marketing plan to entice people to join their company.

But not realizing the low and ineffective quality kind of products or services that they offer in there packages. But because of the manipulative way of convincing people, many poor people are being trapped in this kind of fraud of marketing.

What is the best asset that you must acquire to be the best network marketer nowadays?

Still struggling and not knowing why your effort still not progressing even you do what your mentor say???

At the start of network marketing industry, many people benefit from the system and make a lot of money by doing the old strategy which is prospecting, inviting, presenting, closing, following up and training.

That is the strategy that is so effective in offline approach and online approach in the past. 

But because network marketing evolves and many people already disgust from the unscrupulous scammer that make the industry of network marketing very polluted in the mind of people.

Many people think that network marketing is a waste of time and very difficult to handle because they think that network marketing is only for those people that have skills, connection, and capital in order to succeed.

But when the era of Internet begins and many social media are spreading like wildfire, many people have the opportunity to connect with all people around the world. 

Then all the entrepreneurs discovered that they can take advantage of this technology to leverage their business globally.

So the traditional way of marketing is not so effective nowadays because the majority of people is already in web space of the internet. The so-called automation begins to flourish and make as the important tool or asset that a marketer must have. 

Does traffic exchange really works in terms of advertising your products or services online?

Have you ever heard of traffic exchange yet???

If this is the first time you’ve heard traffic exchangeIt is a form of free advertising flat form that let all the members have the opportunity to exposed there websites or opportunities to other site members.

By exchanging traffics thru viewing every member's websites to generate some credits that can be converted into website ad views, banner ad impressions txt ad impressions and some other rewards.

Many say that this type of advertising is irrelevant and hardly works for some other niches in terms of sale/lead conversions. Because of a low quality of leads that being exposed to your site.

And this will only work in one certain type of niche, which is making money online, business opportunities, MLM and other types of products or services that focus on generating profit online.

But otherwise…

Traffic Exchange can be very useful and effective if you're doing the right way of marketing your products or services. Many affiliates, network marketers, internet marketers are doing the wrong way of exposing their business in a traffic exchange sites. 

How to become a lead magnet and prospects chases you instead of chasing them?

Does the headline caught your attention???

Do you like the idea that people or your prospects will be the one to chase you instead of chasing someone who is not interested in your opportunity that you are offering???

We already know that in the industry of network marketing or any other marketing industry. It is truly tough when the time you go out and broadcast your opportunity to anybody then just realizing in the end that nobody or you can hardly find somebody to join your business.

Then you're forced to go out and cold prospecting everywhere just to get sign ups or recruits on your team. You are so frustrated because you know that you follow all the advice of your upline on how to prospects offline and online. 

And then follows...

But still, you are so burned out because it seems that you become so desperate and become weird in the sight of your friends and relatives because of all the prospecting that you are doing to them.

You always blame anybody and everything around you thinking that your circumstances or the people around you are the reason why you did not succeed in your profession.