What is 3 major factor to ensure your success in any business?

Maybe you always ask???

Why is that Majority of people fails and few people get into the stage of life that they don’t have to worry financial aspects anymore? Is there any formula to succeed or are they just lucky in life?

Well, The truth is there is 3 major factor that you should know in order for you to succeed in any ventures of business you may have.

First is You must Know Your Numbers...

means you must identify where is your strength is, how much people joining your opportunity versus how much people saw your business presentation.

Knowing your ration will make your marketing plan easier because you already know how much effort you will exert in order to reach your target goal.

For example, your income goal this first quarter is to earn $2,700. So it means you should earn at least $30/day in an order for you to achieve that income level. 

So if you're asking me, How do I earn $30/day ?? Well, I'm giving my example here in my current company. Which have 10% direct referral and 10% Binary Bonus?

So, The entry level or package I choose to promote is the $100 package. Means I will have $10 Direct referral, $10 Binary Bonus.

So, If I will duplicate the power of 2, I can achieve this to turn my $100 into $27,000 after 3 months. So, in order to do this, I must have known my Conversion ratio...

So, for example, I have 2% conversion ratio out of 100 leads. Then I can make some paid ads that I can measure the leads coming in so that I will reach the 2 people challenge every day.

Then the second factor of success is Focus

It sounds so basic, but many people fail to maintain this factor because of many hindrances or high failure rate they experience. Focus is so important if you want to get ahead in any business. 

Learn how to make yourself stand out among your competitors in your business

Do you want to be the best in your field, that even your competitors will envy how you manage your business???

There are certain effective strategies that I want to share with how you can achieve this claim. To be the best among the rest...Period!!! If your hungry to become successful and want to be the top of your field.

You better apply this method of marketing that I am about to tackle in this post right now. Many business owners in our time either working offline or online did not have the right system in their business.

Means they lack the appropriate knowledge on how to be an effective business owner or marketer. There is a certain goal that every business owner want to achieve every day and that is to have a sales or conversion. But there are many hurdles or challenges before you can achieve this goal. 

It is not easy especially if your product or services that are offered does have many competitors. So your prospects or target market have so many options on where they will buy or sign up for your specific product or services.

There are many factors why people bought a certain product like they badly need that products or service, 

Proven techniques and strategy to win the binary system in MLM Business!!

Want to know how you can make your binary system like a faucet of cash???

We all been there…done this and done that, Yes, it’s like a roller coaster ride that makes us dizzy and wanna stop the engine and get out the hell of it and QUIT!!!

It’s so frustrating and can demoralize your way of thinking on where and why you still failed in your MLM business. But somehow, somewhere…There are few people who got lucky and make a lot of money doing it.

Where did I do wrong???

I work hard, I invite a lot of people and make presentations even in the comfort room (LOL) But seriously..did you ever try to analyze your strategy or techniques in your MLM business??? 

Did you know that even a single negligence of simple and proven strategy has a very big factor in the success and failure of your MLM business?

There are so many important factors to be considered when you are starting to build your MLM organization. But there is one thing that I think is the most important strategy that you must always put in the mind of all your business teammates.

And that is making the wise and effective implementation of your binary team structures.

What do I mean by that!!

What I mean is that you must place your team in the very best structural position that everyone will benefit in the long run. I called this “The Perfect BINARY STRUCTURE!!!